Nearfield Instruments (NFI) and Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE), a member of the Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics Group, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a strategic partnership for delivery and value engineering of several critical mechatronics modules for NFI’s semiconductor metrology products, starting with the QUADRA product line.

NFI’s has developed and realized QUADRA based on the revolutionary mechatronics architecture of HT-SPM and is now preparing for series production. NFI intends to work with IDE in a strategic partnership to further industrialize and value engineer some of its product’s modules. IDE will develop, industrialize, and manufacture these modules, with a focus on improving manufacturability, value engineering, and performance enhancement, closely related to NFI’s product roadmap.

“The development of our complex mechatronics system requires a high-tech ecosystem, with unique competencies and extensive knowledge of system development methods, modular system design and production technologies. I am pleased with cooperation between NFI and IDE in the last two years and positive that, by their customer-centric mindset and experienced team of industrialization specialists in the field of dynamics and vibration, this cooperation will lead to a cost-efficient and mass-producible manufacturing of some of the critical mechatronics modules of our metrology systems. This will enable us to deliver solutions with a good total cost of ownership to our customers, with a positive business case as the outcome.” according to Dr. Hamed Sadeghian, President & Chief Technology Officer of Nearfield Instruments.

“Taking new and innovative technologies to market can be quite challenging. Early engagement and collaboration are the catalyst which enables strong, long lasting partnerships and solutions for guaranteed success. Since the beginning of this project with NFI, our two companies have been working in lock step through the development and implementation phases to ensure an optimal operating environment through dynamic and other mechatronic modules. At IDE we are committed to customer satisfaction and we believe that our customer’s success is our success.” said Thomas Breser, Managing Director IDE Group.