Nearfield Instruments is proud to announce that it has been selected as one of Europe’s 40 top high-tech start-ups to pitch at the High Tech Venture Days (HTVD) 2020. HTVD is one of Europe’s leading meeting places for tech companies, international investors and corporates. The two-day conference will take place on October 13-14 in Dresden, Germany.

Dr. Hamed Sadeghian, Managing Director & CTO, will represent Nearfield Instruments by pitching and joining the networking discussions. Here he will take his conversation partners on the journey of Nearfield Instruments, the highly innovative developer and supplier of game-changing metrology solutions for the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

To achieve new functionalities and to make optimum use of the available wafer space semiconductor devices will shrink to atomic scale dimensions using novel, sensitive materials while at the same time being designed in full three-dimensional configurations including high aspect ratio processes and sub-surface 3D features. With its Automated High-Throughput 3D Scanning Probe Metrology products, Nearfield Instruments enables on-device, non-destructive measurements for in-line process monitoring at industry-best measurement precision and reproducibility aimed at current and next-generation semiconductor device manufacturing.

We look forward meeting you at HTVD2020 and show you how Nearfield Instruments develops and offers daringly innovative solutions to process control challenges in the premium nano-electronics industry in a technologically and economically viable way.