Automated High-Throughput
3D Scanning Probe Metrology


High-Aspect Ratio CD Metrology

The big metrology challenges associated with manufacturing Gate-All-Around FETs include high aspect ratio processes, sub surface 3D features and aggressive pitches.
Nearfield Instruments’ newly developed Feedforward Trajectory Planner (FFTP) imaging mode enables on-device, non-destructive measurements to be used for in-line process monitoring of GAA FETs at 3nm and beyond.


Stability and Repeatability

As a benchmark, “noise floor”, using a “zero scan”, has been used to assess AFM performance. But noise floor does not represent tool precision, repeatability, variation from strong scanning stage reaction forces in high speed imaging, reloading the wafer, and long-term drift, all influencing measurement quality. Revolutionary mechatronic concepts in QUADRA’s architecture enable industry-best measurement precision and reproducibility.


Speed and Productivity

Time to information is crucial. QUADRA’s architecture of miniaturized high-speed SPMs working in parallel increases throughput 100-fold compared to other automated single-probe AFM metrology tools for targeted in-line metrology applications. It also features high-speed navigation to the POI, probe exchange/alignment and unique data visualization to further increase productivity.


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