Nearfield Instruments B.V. (NFI) is pleased to announce that Eric Meurice is appointed as Chair of the Supervisory Board of NFI as of March 15st, 2023. “We extend a warm welcome to Eric Meurice,” said CEO Hamed Sadeghian. “He brings with him an enormous amount of experience and expertise from the semiconductor industry.” Eric Meurice added: “I am very honoured to have been asked to join and I look forward to working with this very talented group and contributing to its success”

With over 150 employees, Nearfield Instruments B.V. delivers in-line process control solutions to the semiconductor manufacturing industry based on their ground-breaking non-destructive, high-throughput 3D Atomic Force Microscopy technology. NFI is headquartered in Rotterdam, NL and has offices in Eindhoven and Hwaseong, Korea.