Nearfield Instruments is taking measures to strengthen the European semiconductor postion

Semiconductors are at the centre of strong geostrategic interests, and of the global technological race. For this reason, the European Commission proposed the European Chips Act, which strengthens European competitiveness and resilience in this strategic sector.

The EU Chips Act will bolster Europe’s competitiveness and resilience in semiconductor technologies and applications. It will do this by strengthening Europe’s technological leadership in the field.

To do so the Commission has approved an Important Project of Common European Interest (‘IPCEI’) to support research, innovation and the first industrial deployment of microelectronics and communication technologies across the value chain. The project, called “IPCEI ME/CT”, was jointly prepared and notified by fourteen Member States: Austria, Czechia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain.


Nearfield Instruments is proud that the Dutch and European governments recognize the technological leadership we bring with our metrology and inspection solutions to advanced semiconductor manufacturing. By participating in IPCEI ME/CT we will contribute, with all our innovative power and in cooperation with our partners, to strengthening the European position in the world-wide semiconductor sector, by ensuring the capacity to produce semiconductors here within the EU.

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